Bringing People and Brands Together

I'm Ryan Cook, a digital marketer currently in Asheville, NC. I've spent the last 10 years of my life building relationships between brands and customers. Currently, I'm Director of Analytics at Element 360, where I help real estate companies find buyers in the digital space. Previously, I helped ad agencies build effective traditional marketing campaigns through print, video, and radio spots in Miami, FL.

I answer a lot of questions - most of which I ask myself.

I'm exceptionally good at identifying potential customers, crafting strategies to reach those customers, managing campaigns based on the prior, and translating the outcome into normal people words. I've grown tired of the same monotonous advertising strategies that have become ineffective and tend to alienate potential customers.

I drink 3.5 cups of half-caff coffee a day, work best individually in the morning with retrowave blasting in my headphones and collaborate best in the afternoon. I enjoy watching good movies & series (tv/online/youtube/twitch).

Thanks for reading,